December 31st

Every family has their idiosyncratic ways of doing things.

Drinking glasses go lip down in the cabinet.
Apples get cored first and then peeled.
Shoes get taken off outside the front door.

A pattern. A method.

In our family, you buy Baltic first. Mediterranean comes next.

Once you have them, you cling to them.

The small rectangular cards, their deep purple shallow meaning.
A set of two, so opposite of the bright bourgeoisie blue.

No discernible mortgage value.
No help in the end game.

Fingers cannot count the pale white ones we stack,
when curled so tightly around the barely there cards.

In our family we scramble for them, frantic to grasp at them.

Our hesitation mark scars are Baltic purple.

We don’t trade up, we cling.

It is our family idiosyncrasy.

– Monopoly was patented on December 31st, 1935. –

*Composed December 31st, 2015

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